1607 Wellington St

Property Preparation by Talbot Team

Property Prep with Compass Concierge

Our client gave us a $35,000 budget to transform this Glenview home that had been in her family for nearly a century. She used Compass Concierge to pay the upfront costs of the improvements and we designed and coordinated all of the property prep. We had weekly calls with the seller of the home, who lives in LA, and we managed all the work from Oakland. We sourced multiple bids to get the best prices (for high-quality work) and we executed the following changes:

1) Painted the exterior and interior

2) Eliminated texture ceiling in foyer and living room

3) Swapped out all interior/exterior light fixtures

4) Painted the built-in cabinet and swapped out hardware

5) “Refreshed” the kitchen with new hardwood floors, painted cabinets, and new hardware

6) Refinished the hardwood floors throughout the house

7) “Refreshed” the garage and basement

8) Landscaped to front and backyard

9) Installed new house numbers and a mailbox to step up curb appeal

10) Added staging!

Work With Us

We are extremely communicative, tech-savvy, and knowledgeable of the latest market and design trends. In addition, we are one of the few Green Certified real estate teams in the Bay Area.