Why Hire the Talbot Team to Sell Your Home?

Digital Marketing Strategies
Marketing Listings
Client Experience & Tips
Positioning your home on social media in a way that results in more eyes on your listing
Very active on social media and continuously growing our network
Connected with local agents and agents across the country
Active social media presence gives us ability to connect with more millennial home buyers (largest share of home buyers at 38%)
Robust social media marketing that includes virtual open houses, home tours, multiple videos and post and paid advertising
We keep up with latest design trends to give you a competitive advantage when prepping your home for sale
Social media presence gives us the ability to connect and learn from interior designers around the country.
We spare no expense when marketing our listings, which means hiring professional photographers and videographers.
Most buyers are seeing your home first ONLINE which means the "lead shot" must capture a buyer's attention
We always lead with a twilight shot, which makes your home stand out among the rest.
We have a quick response time and communicate via text and email while on the go and at home
Many areas are experiencing very limited inventory and an abundance of buyers looking for homes, putting sellers in the driver's seat
If you are not hiring an agent that does what is necessary to capture the most buyers possible, you could be leaving money on the table
When a home hits the market, buyers want to get in immediately if it fits within their search criteria
We have set up easy ways for other agents with active buyers to get their showings scheduled so they are not left waiting around
When interviewing agents, ask if they are following modern marketing methods that will put your home in the best position (not just in MLS)

Preparing Your Property For Sale

We offer a unique package for clients interested in selling their homes. We are both passionate about home design, and we stay up to date on the latest trends. We have remodeled both the homes we have owned and we are no strangers to living in construction zones. One of our greatest joys is unleashing the beauty a home has to offer.

We are happy to offer property prep consultations, as well as design and remodel advice. We have not only designed kitchens and bathrooms, but Paul worked side by side with his father doing all the construction work on our first home, from the demolition to the tile work and painting. Jade has also dabbled in demo, but prefers picking out paint colors and consulting on the design elements. 

Together, we make the perfect team. We will coordinate and manage the contractors' work during the period of property prep. We have a highly skilled team of builders and contractors who have worked with us for several years, on our homes as well as several properties we have listed. 

After the property prep period, the staging begins. We have a network of designers with different strengths and price ranges and we will recommend ones that complement your homes architectural style. You'll receive multiple bids so you can choose the ones that meet your budget and style preferences. 

Our biggest goal when we list a property is to save you money before your house goes on the market and then to make you as much return as possible on your home sale. 

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We are extremely communicative, tech-savvy, and knowledgeable of the latest market and design trends. In addition, we are one of the few Green Certified real estate teams in the Bay Area.

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