1634 E 22nd

Property Preparation by Talbot Team

Property Prep with Compass Concierge

When I pulled up to Tessa and Jordan's house the first time, I have to admit, I felt a bit overwhelmed. The house needed a major boost in curb appeal. Our goal is to make our listings SHINE online, and the best way to do that is with a stunning twilight shot of the front of the house. Between the turquoise paint and the overgrown landscaping, it was hard to see the magic. And there was definitely a lot of magic INSIDE the house. The couple had renovated the kitchen and converted the garage into a third bedroom. They had added tremendous value to the home. Inside, it was stunning!

We knew we needed to paint. That was easy. We went with a classic white/black look, but left the wooden door untouched. We broke the landscaping project into two phases. First we had everything cleared so we knew what we were working with. Then, we designed the backyard based on how felt the space would best be utilized. We created a sitting area, a dining area, a vegetable garden, and a bit of lawn to appeal to homeowners with dogs or kids. We leaned into to the shabby chic look of the sheet metal fencing that existed on one side of the backyard when we started. We finished it throughout the backyard, and it was a great alternative to using lumber (it looked unique and fun AND is was considerably less expensive).

This was definitely one of our most satisfying transformations and we were thrilled to see how much people loved it when we hosted Open Houses for the property. Our sellers got HUGE return and ended up selling their home for $852,000 (31% over asking price and about 100k over where we had initially anticipated it to go).

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