2240 88th Ave

Property Preparation by Talbot Team

Property Prep with Talbot Team Home Staging

The day we met Otto, one of the sellers of 2240 88th Ave, he was painting his house in preparation for his home sale. Once we finished our walkthrough, I had to tell him something I knew he wouldn't want to hear. I wanted him to repaint the house a different color. He had chosen brown, but I felt the home would shine in white, paint, especially given all of the spectacular greenery around the house. 
Luckily, Otto is a contractor, and was easily able to pivot with the new paint choices. He understood the importance of making the house SHINE online, and stepping up the home's curb appeal through exterior paint and new landscaping would make a huge difference. From there, I gave him a property prep punch list that included the following: 
1) Swap out all light fixtures
2) Retile the fireplace surround
3) Re-landscape in the front and back
4) Full interior paint of the front and back units
5) Fix cracks in the driveway's concrete
6) Paint the garage floor and walls
7) Upgrade appliances in the kitchen
8) Empty the house and deep clean
9) Add professional staging!
We received 8 total offers and the home went 24% ABOVE asking price, setting a new high comp for the neighborhood. 

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