3853 Coolidge Ave

Property Preparation by Talbot Team

Property Prep with Talbot Team Home Staging

When Katie and Shannon decided it was time to upsize and find a home with more space for their three girls, they rolled up their sleeves and began knocking out a long laundry list of home upgrades.  Despite rising home values in the highly desirable Upper Dimond neighborhood, Katie and Shannon knew that making their home "move-in ready" would significantly expand the pool of potential buyers. Over the course of the summer, they knocked out the following major upgrades:

1) A full kitchen "refresh"

2) A bathroom remodel

3) Retiling of the foyer floor

3) Extending hardwood from the kitchen to the back of the house

4) Removal of a free-standing fireplace in the living room

5) Extensive landscaping renovations. In addition, they followed our home staging checklist prior to putting their house on the market.

Katie and Shannon purchased 3853 Coolidge in 2015 for $629,900. They just sold the home for $1,095,000!  Now, it's time for them to start their home search. With the equity they gained from their investing in their "starter" home, they are now able to afford a house that checks all of their boxes. 

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