How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom to Feel Like An Oasis

How to Stage Your Primary Bedroom to Feel Like An Oasis

  • Jade Talbot
  • 04/23/21

Our bedrooms are our space to get a good night's sleep so we can wake up refreshed and recharged for the day! That's why it's important to create a space that feels peaceful and relaxing. Whether you're looking for great staging tips to prep your home for sale or your primary bedroom is just in need of a makeover, you can put these tips to work to get it to the oasis level!

Start with the windows. Swap out plastic blinds for floor to ceiling curtains.Even if your windows aren't floor to ceiling windows, it will help add height to your room and make your ceiling seem taller. Opt for neutral colors or patterns unless your room needs a splash of color.

How are your linens looking? Do you have mismatched sheets, two flat pillows and a comforter thrown over the top? Your bed is most likely the focal point of your bedroom so let's treat it that way! Add neutral or white linens to give your room a clean, crisp look. Try a white duvet cover, a cozy ivory throw at the end of the bed and fluffy white towels in the bath to give your primary suite a luxurious feel. Next, accessorize with pillows. Have you ever stayed at a hotel where the pillows are piled on so perfectly it feels like you're laying on a cloud? Why not make the bed you sleep in every night have that same fancy hotel look? Throw on a couple of Euro sized pillows and you're ready to climb in bed with a good book and relax in comfort. You'll also want to add in some accent pillows but don't go too crazy here. When it comes to accent pillows, don't be afraid to try different shapes, patterns and textures. This is the best place to add pops of color to your room.

Bring the outdoors in by adding some greenery to the space. Fresh flowers on the nightstand is a simple yet striking touch. Consider adding a taller plant next to a floor length mirror or to a lonely corner.

Don't forget, lighting is the key to staging any room to look more put together. Light and bright makes everything look nice. Invest in updated lamps on your dressers, nightstand and the ceiling. A chandelier can give a romantic, upscale feel but if you're the type of person who needs a fan when you sleep, you can also add in a nice looking ceiling fan if yours is starting to look a little shabby or outdated.

Clear the clutter! Do you have jewelry laying out on the dresser and other things starting to pile up? I know I'm guilty of this and the only solution I found was to purchase some decorative jewelry boxes and a catch all tray. That way I can still keep my everyday pieces out without having things look cluttered and messy. Anthropologie has some beautiful pieces for storing jewelry.

Lastly, let's consider the paint color. Do your walls need a refresh? Try to stick to neutral paint colors for the bedroom so that it feels like a peaceful space. If you want to turn your bedroom into an oasis, you'll want to leave the bright colors for the accessories and opt for bright whites and lush ivories when it comes to paint. You can always balance out the room with a darker statement wall if you love the idea of breaking up the white. This is also a great room to try out a modern wall paper pattern to accent the wall behind your bed. Remember, you don't want every single item to be white to the point where the room looks cold and uninviting. Strike a good balance between neutrals and pops of color. Blush is a gorgeous and popular color right now that can be used as a neutral while also adding in some color.

Grab your phone and start making a list of the items you're going to need to focus on. Then you're ready to whip out your laptop and start online shopping! Before you know it you'll be sneaking off the bed early to relax in your beautiful new space!

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