Client Success Stories

Clarissa and Nate

Clarissa and Nate just edged out the competition on this San Leandro fixer upper, coming in ahead of 7 other offers (but just by a hair, which is the idea scenario!). They saw the potential immediately, and so did baby Levi, who lit up when we toured the home for the first time.

The escrow couldn’t have gone smoother and we even managed to close early! Clarissa and Nate have spent the last few weeks of escrow taking the necessary measurements, meeting with contractors, and designing their new kitchen and bathroom. They have their contractors lined up to begin work immediately, which should land them comfortably in their home before their first mortgage payment is due.
Fun Fact: Clarissa and I served together as Peace Corps Volunteers in Azerbaijan (RPCV 2009-2011), and she was one of the reasons we moved to the Bay Area. We used to take a bumpy 3 hr marshrutka ride to see each other, and now we’ll be a quick 7-min drive away!

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We are extremely communicative, tech-savvy, and knowledgeable of the latest market and design trends. In addition, we are one of the few Green Certified real estate teams in the Bay Area.