Client Success Stories

Meagan and Milad

Meagan and Milad wrote four offers before getting their offer accepted on 2956 55th Ave in Maxwell Park. The home had been sitting on the market for two months! The disclosure packet did not offer any reports, so we advised Meagan and Milad to offer BELOW asking price with all contingencies in place.

Once they were in escrow, they paid for reports out of pocket and found out every detail about the home. Paul went to battle for 10+ long days of negotiations with the other side. Meagan and Milad ended up with a 12k price reduction and a 3k credit toward closing costs from the seller/listing agent. Woo!!

Before moving in, Meagan and Milad made immediate upgrades to the home that not only made the place look AMAZING, but also added tremendous value for re-sale purposes.

Living underneath the cherry floors the previous owner installed were original two inch top nail hardwood floors. They restored the floors to all their glory. They also painted the interior white to brighten up the home and voila! Instant equity!

It was a long and at times stressful escrow, but Meagan and Milad were troopers. They are settling in and completing their home transformation right now. The BEST part of this story is that Meagan and Milad will have plenty of time to “nest” before the arrival of their first baby in April.

Kelsea and Alberto

In 2015, Kelsea and Alberto first stepped into 501 Merritt and they simply knew immediately that it was "The One." Paul was their agent at the time, and he helped them beat out all (16!) other offers.

Five years and one baby later, it was time for Kelsea and Alberto to move on. They bought a new construction home in Castro Valley, and contacted us to help them with the sale of their Lake Merritt condo.

We did a walk through and created a property prep checklist, outlining high/medium/low priority items. Then, we did a cost-benefit analysis of two options. Option 1: Spend about $20,000 in full property prep and staging. Sell the home AFTER moving into their new home; Option 2: Clean up, organize, and stage the home themselves. Sell the home WHILE living it it and request a rent back to continue living in the home AFTER close of escrow.

As you may know, the condo market has softened since the pandemic hit, so we were slightly worried about putting money into a home without being able to guarantee a 3:1 ROI (return on investment). We decided to go with option two, and Kelsea and Alberto got to work!

They organized, packed, pared down, and bought some new art and decor. They planned a weekend away and we held showings during that time. By the time they got back, we had a strong offer in hand and we were in contract with not only a generous price, but also a long rentback period! They ended up selling their condo for $160,000 MORE than they bought it for during a time when condo prices are not doing so hot.

Kimberly and Steve

"What we fell in love with was that it wasn’t a cookie cutter home. There is so much history and character to the house. It’s a house that was loved and now we get to love it in our way and put our mark on it."

Jette and Vincent

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